We launch your winning campaign and provide additional strategy and support services utilizing our combined 15 years of campaign experience.


Especially for first-time candidates, figuring out where to start is challenging. Our Launch Package is both affordable and gives you the basic components to start your campaign with confidence. Our Co-Founders Joey McKinnon and Meredith O'Malley are passionate, progressive Democrats who created Win Launch Campaigns because they saw a void in the political consultant arena that needed to be filled - affordable, professional campaign services for grassroots candidates. We don't just provide packages and services - we train candidates and their teams how to run professional, winning campaigns. 



Launch Package 

Everything you need to Launch your campaign

  • District Overview with breakdown of demographics and past elections information
  • Email Platform setup
  • How-To Manual including how to manage social media, email blasts and website updates 
  • Professional Logo
  • Social Media Platform setup with graphics
  • Website with biography, contact form & donations platform

Basic Field Package 

minimum you need to start a field program

  • Assist in Building Volunteer Base
  • Campaign Field Plan including get-out-the-vote 
  • Field Manual including scripts and training documents

Communications & Research Package      

Comprehensive Public relations & research

  • Campaign Launch Public Relations including news release and news conference if warranted
  • Develop Campaign Platform with candidate and consultants
  • In-Depth Candidate Self Research
  • In-Depth Opposition Research including tracking services as needed
  • Forum & Debate professional preparation practice time
  • Press Secretary Services including creating talking points, managing media relations, scheduling interviews and finding additional earned media opportunities
  • Website Management

Comprehensive Field Management Package 

Comprehensive field management services

  • Comprehensive Canvassing Program
  • Comprehensive Phone Program
  • Comprehensive Get-Out-The-Vote Program
  • Detailed Grassroots Field Program
  • Field Director/Field Team Manager
  • Recruiting and Training Campaign Volunteers